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Kindness, Friendship & Generosity

Casa Alitas volunteers provide care and a warm welcome to asylum-seeking migrants in Tucson, Arizona.

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The Volunteer's Role

Our guests have fled unsafe conditions in their home countries. They have had harrowing journeys to Arizona and come to us after being held in detention by Border Patrol and ICE. 

As volunteers, we provide them safe harbor by offering:

  • Meals and beverages

  • Beds and clean bedding

  • A set of clean clothing for each guest

  • Wellness support

  • Help with travel plans for reuniting with family and continuing the asylum-seeking process

  • Assistance locating missing loved-ones who have been separated at the border or in transit

A Day In the Life of a Casa Alitas Volunteer

Everyday, busloads of folks arrive at our shelter. When you come in for your volunteer shift you will be asked to join one of our task stations to help with:

  • Administering intake paperwork

  • Offering meals

  • Providing clean sets of clothing

  • Laundering linens

  • Cleaning and preparing dormitories

  • Giving travel plan support; assisting guests as they purchase bus and plane tickets online

  • Help with reunification; searching the ICE database to find separated family members

  • Providing support to guests at the Tucson airport; helping them print their tickets, find their gates and feel oriented to traveling by air

During your Volunteer Orientation you will receive training on how best to provide these services.​ We have volunteers who work monthly, weekly, or several times per week. We can accommodate your schedule and are very happy to have you. You are needed!

How do I get started?

Just contact us here. We will be in touch to schedule your Volunteer Orientation.

Your presence is needed and we can't wait to meet you!

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