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Donate Clothing & Goods

Each guest at Casa Alitas receives a clean set of clothing and toiletries. Border Patrol and ICE discard their belongings. They arrive with only the clothes on their backs, which are often very worn, after a long, harrowing journey. We give clothes and toiletries to hundreds of guests each day. 

Your donations of new or clean, gently used items are very needed!
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Drop off your donations at St. Mark's Church

Simply bring items to St. Mark's during these times:

Monday - Thursday:
9:00 am and 12:00 pm


St. Mark's Presbyterian Church

3736 E. 2nd St 

Tucson, AZ  85716 

(520) 325-1001

The door is located by the "St. Mark's Presbyterian Church and Preschool" sign. Click here for an image of the walkway you'll take.


Volunteers will be there to receive your donations.

See below for needed items . . .

Clothing & Toiletries We Need

Below are the items you can drop off for Casa Alitas at St. Mark's Church. 


Check out the lists below for in-person drop off. Remember, a few items we really need are much more helpful than bags of things we don't. 

Thank you!
Clothing for Women & Teen Girls
  • Underwear, sizes 5, 6, 7

    • Brand new only please! 

  • Shirts, sizes S & M including tee shirts.

    • Solid-colored preferred, appropriate printed messages only, no camouflage, no dress shirts 

  • Bras, sizes S, M, L 

    • ​New or gently used. Size small is especially needed. Nursing bras also needed 

  • Shoes, sizes 4, 5, 6 (half sizes included)

    •  new or gently used 

  • Sweatshirts, jackets & hoodies, sizes S and M 

  • Maternity clothes, sizes S, M, L

    • Shirts, casual dresses, pants. New or gently used​

  • Flip flops

Clothing for Men & Teen Boys
  • Boxer Brief Underwear, sizes S, M, L

    • Brand new only please! 

  • Shirts, sizes S, M, L, XL including tee shirts and golf shirts

    • New or gently used. Appropriate printed messages only, no camouflage, no dress shirts are needed

  • Jeans and casual pants, mens sizes 26-31 waist, and 26-32 waist; boys sizes 2-20

    • ​New or gently used

  • Sweatpants, athletic pants, shorts, sizes S, M, L

    • No camouflage. Athletic shorts and golf shorts appreciated

  • Shoes, mens sizes 8-11 (half sizes included)

    •  new or gently used, casual shoes 

  • Sweatshirts, jackets & hoodies, sizes S, M, L

    • Seasonal: light weight in summer, heavy warm weight in winter. Zipper hoodies especially appreciated

  • Hats

    • Baseball caps, seasonal summer or winter hats, new or gently used

  • Flip flops

Clothing for Children
  • Underwear, girls sizes 2-3, 14, 16; boys sizes 2-3, 12, 14, 16, 18

    • Brand new only please!​

  • Tee shirts, knit shirts, all kids sizes 6-18

  • Pants and shorts, all kids sizes 2-16

  • Socks

    • New only, all kids sizes, all styles

  • Hats

    • Baseball caps, seasonal summer or winter hats, new or gently used

  • Backpacks

    • School quality. No string bags please​

  • Flip flops, all kids sizes

Toiletries for Children & Adults
  • Toothpaste (travel size)

  • Hand sanitizer (travel size)

  • Shaving cream (travel size)

  • Combs

  • Hair brushes

  • Lap blankets for plane and bus travel

Things That Are Not Needed

It is more important to give one or two useful items than to give bags of things that are not needed. Here's what we don't need right now: 

  • Children's shoes (except flip flops)

  • Baby clothes and items

  • Men's dress shirts

  • Used underwear

  • Clothes with wear and tear, stains and excessive wrinkles


Would you like to put together an Activity Kit for a migrant child?

Many young children stay at our shelter. They have been on a long, arduous path – and their journeys are not over. Donate an Activity Kit to keep little hands busy and and brighten a child's day.

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