The Stories That Make Us Who We Are



This story from a former guest was sent to us through Facebook. They gave us permission to share it, just asked that we omit their names and identifying information.

              We are a family of five – mom, dad, three children. This is our story:

We left our home earlier this year with our bags full of fears and illusions. In that moment, we asked forgiveness of our three children for making them do this, but they didn’t have a choice – they just had to follow us. We did it for them – for their safety, for their education, for their future. We knew that one day they would understand…

    We were a middle class family. We had our own home. My husband had his own business. I was working in my profession as a nurse. By fate or divine will, my husband’s business suddenly failed. I had to work every day of the week.

I got to work by public transit, traveling morning, afternoon or night.  We lived in a country that has high rates of murder, extorsion, crimes against women, assaults, and general violence. I was exposed regularly to these evils. 

I was a witness to an armed robbery where shots were fired. I was robbed at least once a week. This was the bread of every day, which seemed so normal to us. When I left home each morning, I would ask God to please let me come home to my children that night. 



“This is the first time in our lives

we’ve felt safe.”

– Venezuela

“Thank you, Casa Alitas, for all the support you have given me and my father. I hope that God blesses all the volunteers that work here and above all that you continue to support those who need it. It feels really bad to be locked in a cell and to be here is something I will never forget.”

– Mexico, 13 years old

“It makes us so happy to see our kids smiling and playing.”

– Venezuela

“Our family is very grateful for your hospitality. The great work that you’ve done for all immigrants we will always carry with us in our hearts. You are now part of our family.”

- Guest

“With my heart in my hand I thank all the volunteers who cared for us with so much love. May God bless you always.”

– Mexico

“I am very thankful. Our whole family feels content and happy here and we don’t know how to thank you for receiving us so wonderfully.”

– Ecuador